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Current offerings of wearable leather art.

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   *Manufacturing, Processing and handling times are as listed on each item

Pre-Made Masks

Our current listings of handmade leather masks for sale, running the spectrum from simple superhero halfmasks, to extremely detailed and highly-stylized works.



Hats, Headdresses & Clothing
Belts, Bags, Bracelets, etc.

Find premade Hats and Headdresses here. This section also holds leather garments for both men and women.

Belts, Bags, bracelets and other accessories can be found here. Pretty much anything not specifficaly listed in the other shop catagories.



Custom Pieces, Made to Order & One-offs

Here is where you will find our Customizable, made to order listings, as well as unique one of a kind offerings. Prototype items as well as full costume sets can be found here.

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