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Farscape PK Pulse Pistol Holster. 100% genuine cowhide leather Hand-sculpted, formed and sewn with care. Made to order here in the USA. replicas,costume, cosplay and display!

Fellow farscape fans, collectors and costumers, Included in this listing fresh from Space:

***Full Leather replica PK Pulse Pistol HOLSTER ONLY from s3-4 of Farscape (hit Sci-fi TV) show***

Farscape season 3-4 Pulse pistol Leather holster

  • This full leather replica is available now on a made to order basis. 
    Completion time is currently: 2-3 weeks from payment until ship out.
    If it's completed sooner, by golly it will ship early!
    Proudly made right here in Texas.
    No neoprene, no foam, no polyester.
    Just leather, nylon, screen accurate belt clip, and metal.

    This holster is made to fit the gun listed above, but will fit the other pk pulse pistol kits(wilco, gen 1-2 set pulls. etc) as well.
    built to fit a range of 8.5-9" L x 4.5-5" W(at barrel with trigger-guard flair) or 5.5-6"w top of sight to bottom of grip.
    -Holster is secured to belt with an adjustable slider so you can change how high or low it sits on your thigh, as well as 2 leg straps with side release clips for adjustment and comfort. Premium thick Nylon webbing (not poly) and multiple layers of water/heat molded(by hand) 5+oz genuine Cowhide Leather. Hand beveled and waxed edges. Includes both heavy-duty upholstery sewing and metal rivet construction by a leatherworker with over 17 years of hands-on experience. Rea; screen accurate belt clip and belt loop included. same buckle style/model as used on set!
    Built just like real gun holsters!

    a slender top strap can be added to secure around the top of the handgrip- at buyers request. It does change the look a little bit, but does not stand out, overly so. a small bit of industrial velcro secures the strap in place.

    -->**By default, the strap will not be included, as the originals did not have one.** <--
    that being said, this holster fits the pistol listed above snugly and securely with no need for an added strap. the other kits tried, including a first gen original pull fit fine with a little wiggle room, so its really up to you/your preference if you want one added.
    strapping will be long enough to make adjustments to fit all legs. if you have very small legs, let us know and we will cut (and seal strap ends) a bit shorter for you.
    If you trim them at home, make sure to seal/melt the nylon ends, or they will fray! you can easily use a lighter to do this. just ask us and we will help walk you thru it if you have questions.

    "Look upward, and share... the wonders I have seen."

    Many Thanks for reading
    (I know it's a lot of info!) 
    and we hope to make one of these beauties for you soon.
    Parkers and Quinn

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