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This "Guy" is a full faced, oversized ORC mask. this mask sits a bit up off your face and comes down past your own chin, over you ears, for comfort and aesthetics!
He has a full ( very very full) set of hair, which completely hides the strapping and buckle. 
2nd of an open ended series of Leather orc masks. Premade and ready to ship.-=SOLD=-  contact us to commission your own!

Leather Orc Mask (Red) -=SOLD=-


  • This mask is amazing, many man many hours were spent just shaping and piecing the mask together, many more hours ( days) in the paint process, and still more days in the hair and finishing process. There will never be another just like this, a true piece of handmade unique art!
    Conservative estimate on working/creation time : 60-70 Hours.

    he is a wet-shaped and heat-hardened mask, entirely hand formed! made from medium weight 6oz veg. tan leather. This means that the mask can be used for both costume or masquerade balls and be a beautiful piece of shelf art or displayed when not in use. this will ship on a human sized foam head, but we do recommend you invest in a rubber or higher quality display head. the one in the photo has a long neck which best shows the mask and hair detail off! you can easily find them on ebay for 20-30$ shipped.

    The orc mask itself is various shades of reds, tans and browns. He has a full set of chompers painted to resemble real teeth ( minus a toothbrush)

    I hand knotted small sections of hair on this guy much like how one makes a wig. the hair is high quality synthetic hair, and will be shipped tied back temporarily to keep it from tangling ( yes, it may tangle if you wear it, just like your own hair would but just calmly comb out with some wig spray and a big tooth comb will restore it to show room condition.) he has a tribal very feel .

    the back of the mask attaches with a quality buckle on a thick strap (see photo) the cross strap has 2 slots to run the strap thru, one for smaller heads, the other for larger heads. this mask will fit anyone and everyone, however we do NOT recommend that you wear glasses under this mask.

    The mask is 100% leather and is a unisex size fitting both adult ladies and gents, the eye holes are a little smaller then we normal go, but still plenty of room to see where you are going, while still maintaining the Orc illusion!

    this mask has a unique 3-d texture completely hand done.

    Pattern is 100% hand drawn, cut out, 3-d sculpting of the leather and painting/finishing all done by hand by me(Quinn)! full set of teeth! strike fear in to the hearts of your enemies!!!! RAWWRRWERRR!

  • approx overall dimensions:
    This is a full mask:
    Just over a foot tall from chin to topknot.
    16 inches from eartip to eartip.
    his hair ranges 18-20 inches long!

    fits head sizes circumference 19inches-25inches

    This mask is sold, but a similar one can be made. 4-6 weeks production time.

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